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There’s been much made of Nazi stuff and the N-word on Twitter now. Mostly, I think, because people are testing limits, but whatever.

I haven’t seen any.

Because I don’t follow those people.

And I don’t go searching out those terms to see who is using them so I can scream about it.

Because my time is worth more than that.

If such were to cross my timeline, I’d consider the context, then consider whether or not to unfollow the person so as to not see that sh*t on my timeline.

Because I have the choice over whether or not I want to see it.

I don’t need other people to do that for me.

Worx MakerX Crafting

The WORX MAKERX Crafting Tool Deluxe Combo Kit* is a cordless (the cord goes to the battery – not to the wall) rotary tool, angle grinder, airbrush, wood burner, and heat gun that all run off the same battery system. And it’s on sale with Prime Early Access!

This is a great set that I personally own and use. It comes with accessories and a nice bag to store everything in.

Being a battery-powered set is great because you’re not tied to the wall outlet. You can take it outside to work, work out in the driveway, and don’t need extension cords. Especially when using the wood burning tool, you don’t have to get the odors of burned wood in the house – or accidentally set off the smoke alarms!

*I may receive a commission if items are purchased through the links on this blog.