Samsung Frame TV

Sometime after Christmas of 2020, we moved a small flat-screen TV we had into the living room and put it on the mantle so my husband could have the news on while he was working. He’d moved his office there in March when my son and daughter-in-law moved from Illinois to be with us here in Tennessee.

After Thanksgiving of 2021, we had a decision to make: Mount the small TV so there would be room for our Christmas decorations or buy a better TV to mount and move the small one to the basement gym which was a plan for the small one before the kids moved in and we put it on the mantle. We just hadn’t gotten around to it yet.

I did some looking around online to see which TV might work best and found out that Samsung was having a sale on the Frame TVs at the time. We’d looked at them at Best Buy a few years ago just to see what they looked like and we were impressed by their slimness and that you could put up art or photos and not have a big black rectangle on the wall if you weren’t watching television.

So we ordered a 43-inch Samsung Frame TV. All the Frames come with mounting brackets and they mount flush to the wall, just like a picture frame. Ours also came with feet so we could, if we wanted, set it on a TV stand or other piece of furniture. You can also buy an easel to put the Frame on.

Mounting was really easy. There’s a template, tape it to the wall, make sure it’s level, drill through and then mount the brackets per the instructions. Plug the “invisible” cord into the back of the TV and hang it on the wall. The other end of the “invisible” cord plugs into the box that runs everything and can be 15 feet away from the TV. This is plugged into the power outlet and your cable, DVD/BluRay/Game System/Sound System are all plugged into this box.

We are really pleased with our Frame purchase. It looks elegant above the fireplace when not in use (and even when in use). We have a rotating set of artwork appearing on the screen.

Near the center, you can see the “invisible” cord. It’s pretty transparent and really does disappear into the background. The cord can also come out from either side of the Frame if wanted. The little bump on the bottom right contains the motion sensor which will turn the screen back on if someone comes into the room.

You can see here just how close to the wall the Frame hangs.

This is the box that controls everything. Our little cable box is just beyond it. You can just see the “invisible cord coming from behind Santa’s chair and swagging over to the brown cabinet.

If you’re looking for a TV that doesn’t look like a TV when it’s not in use I’d highly recommend the Samsung Frame TV.

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