Monthly Archives: March 2017

Girl Power Without Boy Bashing

We went and saw Disney’s Beauty and the Beast on the weekend. We were very pleased with it. It was well done all around. Luke Evans’ Gaston was brilliant. He played the narcissist to a T. And, while Emma Watson’s vocals might have been a bit weak, her performance otherwise was not. She played a girl who could do what she needed to do. Empowered by her father, an inventor, a reader.

While at the movie, we saw a trailer for Transformers: The Last Knight. It’s one of the best “Girl Power” type things I’ve seen in a long, long time. And I think it’s best because it’s Girl Power without being Anti-Boy in any way.

She says to us: “I was — just a normal kid. Before my world fell apart. Some kids used to tease me. They’d say, ‘You run like a girl. You throw like a girl. You fight like a girl.’ Fight like a girl? Yeah. I fight like a girl.”

Daylight Saving Time Again

It’s coming up Daylight Saving Time again on Sunday. Time again to set the clocks ahead with the spring and mess with our internal clocks once again. Puerto Rico, Hawaii, and Arizona don’t mess with this and neither should the rest of the country. Livestock doesn’t go by clocks. Pets don’t go by clocks. And their feeding times will get all discombobulated. We should just stick with regular time and leave it that way.