Election Day!

I voted here in Lake County, Illinois around 10 am. I didn’t have to wait in line, but I had good timing. There was no one in my letter line, then no one at the precinct line, and an open booth just as I needed one. The machine that eats the ballots was open just as I got there too. I had one lady ask to see if there were initials on my ballot. There were three machines to eat ballots, two precincts to each machine, so the guy at the machine made sure my number matched the machine.

I’ve never seen that kind of crowd at 10 am. The pollworkers told me that it’s been steady all morning and there was a line at 6 am when they opened.

I’m in the new 10th CD (it was 8th before). There’s actually a chance that the 10th could make the difference for Illinois in this election. It’s a long, long shot, but there is hope for change.

Four years ago our precinct had 86% turnout. I’ll be very interested in seeing what it has this year. Four years ago our precinct had 666 registered voters. I don’t know what the count is this year. I’ll find out later how many registered voters we have and what the turnout is.

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