My New Favorite Non-Alcoholic Summer Beverage

Agua de Jamaica (AH-gwa day ha-Mike-uh) or Hibiscus Water (tea)

I live in an area with a large Hispanic population so there are many places to get Flor de Jamaica and piloncillo – Mexican brown sugar. Both are available on Amazon if you can’t find either locally.

Boil up a quart of water with some piloncillo (so it melts). Turn off the heat and drop in a good sized handful of Flor de Jamaica, cover and let steep for 10 minutes or more. Strain out the flowers and then add plain water to dilute to taste.

You can use white sugar if you wish. Piloncillo is an unrefined sugar however and it contains vitamins and minerals such a calcium that are actually good for you! The hibiscus has Vitamin C and other nutrients as well. No caffiene.

You can use sparkling water to dilute and have a beverage a bit like soda pop, but much, much better for you.

The Little Guy asks if he can “have some more of that delicious beverage.” Yep. He says “delicious beverage.”

Added: You can add some sliced ginger and/or cinnamon sticks when steeping for a slightly different flavor profile. Strain out with the flowers.

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