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March 2012
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Silly Voicemail Transcriptions

I received a robo-call from Romney for President today. Actually I’ve gotten the same message again and again over the past few days. This message though, doesn’t say anything about why I should vote FOR Romney. It only purports to tell me why I SHOULDN’T vote for Santorum.

Of course, the transcription part is just…

 “This is an urgent message from the running for President campaign in two thousand 6 Rick stand for him suffer(?) the worst defeat in decades binding-incumbent(?) Senator one Central and voted repeatedly to … on(?) today voted for billions in wasteful(?) … even the bridge to nowhere voted with the labor against the-right(?) door is locked and more. It-is(?) only stayed-didn’t(?) trust Rick Santoro. Why should Illinois. Thank you for your time. This call was paid for by Ronnie for President In…”

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