Workouts and Me

I have problems with my left leg as a result of a break of the fibula twenty-three years ago. I have chronic pain and can’t stand or walk for long periods. I need to be able to sit down and rest periodically. I can’t run so a jogging type workout is out. So, too, are workouts that entail jumping, hopping, skipping, or anything high impact.

It’s about a mile to The Little Guy’s school and about a mile to the local beach on the local lake. Either destination has a place to sit and rest before I need to make the return trip. Both trips have some slight hills and I use my cane when I do the walk.

Since my workouts can’t be really vigorous, I did a little research to see if there were any pre-workout supplements that could give me and my workout a little bit of a boost.

Some sites say carbs are good thing before a workout. Some say caffeine, and some say certain amino-acids are good pre-workout supplements. Going the caffeine and carb route, a bowl of oatmeal or other cereal and a cup of coffee could be a good start to a workout. There are many different kinds of beverages available that are marketed as pre-workout supplements, to help burn calories, and add stamina and endurance to your workout.

I may give one or more of these pre-workout supplements a try before my next workout. Especially as we move into autumn and better walking weather. Perhaps I can jumpstart my physical fitness and metabolism before winter sets in.

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