Heartfelt Condolences

Our heartfelt condolences go out to Sissy Willis and Tuck on the loss of their Baby Cakes. “Just a cat”, is never the proper response. Our companions are more than just a cat, or a dog, or a bird, or a ferret or any other animal that shares our home. Baby was, and his sister Tiny is, a member of the household just as much as their humans are.

Our companions know when we aren’t feeling well, be it physically or psychically, and they try to make us feel better. Poor Tiny doesn’t know why her brother is gone or why her “Mom” and “Dad” are feeling so bad. But she’ll try to make them feel better.

Please go ahead and read the other posts Sissy has posted as well.

We have three cats, our tiny little Bitsy; 11 years old and the size of a six month old kitten, Liath (pronounced Leah – Gaelic for gray) who is our own Tiny and Baby look-alike although she’s short haired, and Duncan Idaho; our silly boy who kept climbing the Christmas tree when he was a baby. We call him Mini-Me because he looks a bit like our other boy, Nikita the Siberian Husky. And we can’t forget our Shih-Tzu Raven or the newest adoptee Sunshine the Cockatiel who showed up on our doorstep in early September.

Sissy and Tuck, our heartfelt condolences are sent to you with hugs.

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