Monday Morning Musings

How come so many contestants on Idol choose to sing a song by Whitney or Mariah? If I had one piece of advice for potential American Idols it would be DON’T SING A SONG BY WHITNEY OR MARIAH!

About those stimulus tax rebates… It seems that the government won’t be able to send out checks right away. It won’t be until late spring or even summer before checks could be in the mail. So why doesn’t the government include the rebates with 2007 taxes instead? Give me a $300, $600, $1200, whatever amount credit on my taxes now. If I get a refund, it will be larger by that amount. If I wouldn’t ordinarily get a refund, I might this time. This way the actual stimulus could happen now instead of this summer.

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2 Responses to Monday Morning Musings

  • I’d also love to see American Idol contestants stop trying to sing songs made famous by past Idol-winners. They’re just inviting comparisons that won’t work in their favor!

    On another AI note, did you catch Kellie Pickler last night on “Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader?” The money line: “Is France a country? Really???”

    I have shoes that are smarter than that woman.

  • Caught that Kellie Pickler episode the first time it was on. Laughed my head off.

    Hungary’s a country? I’ve heard of Turkey….

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