Illinois Republican Ballot

I went to county clerk’s website and downloaded my specimen ballot for the February 5 ÜberTuesday primary election. The following were on the ballot for the nomination for President. Who would you vote for?


Even though this is an Illinois ballot, we will be accepting only one vote per person. Thank you.

1James Creighton Mitchell, Jr.


Linked by Marathon Pundit. Thanks.

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4 Responses to Illinois Republican Ballot

  • Oops.

    Thought I had voted in this poll before.

    Did now.

  • And of course.. the question is now, where do the Fred-heads go? I wish Fred had been a little more active in his campaign, I’m afraid Romney might win now here down in Florida.

    independent’s last blog post..Summer 2008: The Next Stock Market Bubble

  • Romney pondering drop out after Tuesday Feb. 5. Don’t waste a vote.

    VOTE Ron Paul! delegates.

    Read Romney below by L.A. Times..

  • Whatever you do – do not vote for anyone who is any where near amnesty if you value
    your country & the sovereigty of this country.

    Please look at us in California if you want an idea of what is ahead if nothing is done
    about the illegal immigration problem. We have been taken over – in essence in many part
    of Southern California . We now have gangs, drugs drug smuggling , widespread fraud
    this that & the other thing . There can be good people coming in – but we just can’t
    afford them . Ninety hospitals & clinics have gone bankrupt in the last ten years
    because they are forced to provide free service to people who cannot afford them .
    There are just too many people .
    Vote for someone who will definitely fix this problem & not be either a open borders liberal
    or a cheap labor advocate .

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