Monday Morning Musings

Those ADT and Brinks alarm commericals have stupid homeowners and stupid criminals in them.

Stupid homeowners who have an alarm system but don’t put in good locks – it looks as though they don’t use deadbolts at all!

Stupid criminals too. There’s the guy who pretends to be a jogger and pretends to tie his shoe and even nods and smiles at the husband as the husband leaves. Then, before Hubby’s even out of sight, stupid criminal puts his hood up (that’s a good disguise) and runs up on the porch and kicks the door in (bad locks). Runs when the alarm goes off. Front porch, broad daylight! He knows she’s awake, she sees Hubby off out on the path. She’s fully dressed, not wearing a robe and slippers. In other words, she’s awake and alert and wearing pointy heeled shoes. He’s dumb.

Then there’s the one where Dad’s away on a trip or something and Mom and the girls are in the brightly lit living room with no curtains or blinds on the window and the girls are dressed in ballerina costumes, and Mom’s taking photos. She sees a face in the window for an instant, then the door breaks in (bad locks)! The alarm goes off! Alarm Company Representative Calls! “We’ll send help right away, Ma’am!” Hey Mr. Criminal Guy – It may be a Mom and two little girls in ballerina costumes, but they are awake! You are apparently at the front of the house in a neighborhood with at least one Mrs. Kravitz… The light helps Mrs. Kravitz spy on her neighbors.

Another one is the beautiful Craftsman that was just sold. The new homeowners are upstairs with all their boxes. It’s raining. Wifey hears a noise. Hubby tries to allay her fears – new house, new noises. He asks if she wants him to help. She does. He goes to the bedroom door at the top of the stairs with a wonderful view directly down the stairs to the front door (that dormer above the front door must be for decorative purposes only). The criminal kicks in the front door (bad locks again) and runs when the alarm goes off. Hubby runs back in the bedroom and slams the door, leaving the front door wide open in the rain.

Wifey turns on the light (no shade on the lamp) and hubby’s up on his tip toes looking out the window for the would be burglar.

There’s a prominent sign in the yard, both that the house has been sold, and that it’s covered by an alarm system.

Now would you try to rob a house where people had just moved in? Everything’s in boxes for crying out loud! Probably even the new homeowners’ don’t know where their valuables are!

For the homeowners in these little stories: Go ahead and get an alarm system. There’s no problem with them, but purchase and install good locks! Also, hope you don’t live where these stupid criminals are.

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