Our Birthday Plans

We have two birthdays coming up. Our Big Girl will be 17-years-old on Monday. Seventeen. Where has the time gone? She was only 4 pounds 10 ounces when she was born and 18 inches long. We were able to take her home the next day because she only lost 2 ounces after birth and was at the minimum weight of 4-1/2 pounds so we could take her home. She weighed less than a regular bag of sugar.

She’s special needs with epilepsy, developmental delays, a moderate hearing impairment, and last year she was diagnosed with Lupus too. She loves Barney and her favorite movies are the Shrek movies and Elephant and Elephant in the water (Ice Age and Ice Age II: The Meltdown).

Little Guy will be 7-years-old on Sunday. He was born the day before her 10th birthday. He’s in first grade, but goes to a second grade class in the mornings for reading. His latest test had him at grade level 2.7 for reading.

We are going to spend tomorrow at Chicago’s Museum of Science and Industry. We have tickets to see the Star Wars: Where Science Meets Imagination exhibit. Today the museum opened its annual Christmas Around the World and Holidays of Light Exhibit as well.

A Proud Tradition

Christmas Around the World, which features more than 50 trees decorated by volunteers from Chicago’s ethnic communities to reflect holiday traditions from around the globe-has been dazzling families for 66 years. It began in 1942 as a United Nations Day salute to American allies during World War II. That year, a dozen trees graced the Museum’s halls; now, the exhibition has grown into a dazzling forest of trees and displays lovingly created by the citizens of Chicago. This year, a new tree from Kenya joins the Museum’s forest.

We’ll bring the camera and have some pictures tomorrow.

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